KONGER Steelon Cristal Clear Fluorocarbon

Fluorocarbon coated line. Excellent performance in all conditions. Invisible under water and extremely high abrasion resistance makes this line a must have in any tackle box.
Made in Germany

Available in
8226 0.12mm 2.65kg
8227 0.14mm 3.40kg
8228 0.16mm 4.00kg
8229 0.18mm4.80kg
8230 0.20mm5.80kg
8231 0.22mm 6.70kg
8233 0.28mm10.30kg
8234 0.30mm12.00kg
8235 0.35mm14.20kg
8236 0.40mm15.30kg
8237 0.45mm16.00kg
8238 0.50mm17.00kg
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