LIVETARGET Hollow Body Sunfish Medium

Replicates a juvenile Sunfish, pushed to the
surface by predatory fish. Ideal for Largemouth
Bass and Northern Pike. Custom Trokar double
hook (SFH75T/SFH90T models). Weedless
design makes it ideal for the thick slop. Easy
to walk slow with a 180° swing, or walk it fast
to create a bubble trail. High hook up ratios.

5255550 Nat/Olive Bluegill3.5″ – 90mm5/8oz – 18gFloating
5256551 Nat/Blue Pumpkin3.5″ – 90mm5/8oz – 18gFloating
5257554 Nat/Green Bluegill3.5″ – 90mm5/8oz – 18gFloating
5258558 Copper Pumpkin3.5″ – 90mm5/8oz – 18gFloating
5259561 Mid/Metallic Bluegill3.5″ – 90mm5/8oz – 18gFloating