General Accessories

Image DescriptionNameCodeDescription
Bionic Finger2672
Rod Sleeve2674150x3cm
PVC Fish Ruler Mat2673120x5cm
Seat Cover2675Fits Single Seat

UV & Water Resistant

Latex Cotton2457100m
Galjoen Rig26302 rigs/pkt
Shad Rig26311 rig/pkt
Kob Rig26322 rigs/pkt
PVC Rod Belt2409
Foldable Bucket241011l
Cutting Boards2424A4 size
Line Spool/

Snoek Yo-yo

Glow Sticks243250x packets of 2 , 25mm
243350x packets of 2 , 39mm
243450x packets of 2 , 50mm
269440x packets of 2 , 75mm
Glow Stick Clips2439M (39mm)
2440L (50mm)
Safety Lanyard84793m
Coil with Lanyard8495
Lure Retriever8469Small
Lure Retriever8470Medium
Lure Retriever8471Large
Neoprene Velcro Tape847520/2.5cm
Neoprene Velcro Tape847625/2.5cm
Neoprene Velcro Tape847735/3cm
Shoulder Strap for Carrying Rods8478
Super Kit Wallet8472
Leader Wallet847330cm
Wallet for Sea Fishing8474