Carp Accessories

Image DescriptionNameCodeDescription
Foldable Bait Bucket2530Height: 16cm Diameter: 30cm

600D Material

NOT Water Tight

Used for mixing ground bait

Carp Springs25255.5cm
Carp Springs25267cm
Weighted Springs254810g
Weighted Springs254920g
Weighted Springs2538Small
Carp Lead Feeder2531Medium
Carp Lead Feeder25401oz
Premade Rietvlei2534Mono Rig
Premade Rietvlei2535Braid Rig
Weigh Bag2509100cmx60cm
Killer V Part256010pcs per packet
Killer U Part256110pcs per packet
Rod Rest V Part2522VSingle V part
Rod Rest U Part2522USingle U part
Rod Rest Parts V+V2551One of each per packet
Rod Rest Parts U+U2552One of each per packet
Rod Rest Parts U+V2553One of each per packet
Luminous Rod Res2523Medium
Luminous Rod Res2524Large
Glow Stick Seats24353pcs/pkt Small
Glow Stick Seats24363pcs/pkt Big