The ADRENALIN SMASHER is a very effective bait to use for especially kob, but also other saltwater species. The jointed mid-section allows this bait to be fished really slow and still get the desired tail action, or fish it faster for a great side to side kick action. This extremely versatile bait, impregnated with real shrimp scent, is best rigged on a jighead.

4425White5″ – 12.5cm
4426Pink5″ – 12.5cm
4427Orange/Chartreuse5″ – 12.5cm
4428Laminated Pink5″ – 12.5cm
4429Gola Oil5″ – 12.5cm
4445Twilight5″ – 12.5cm


11kg kob landed on an Adrenalin Smasher in Pink