The ADRENALIN Zombie with its tantalizing arm and leg action, is so versatile that it can be fished in any way imaginable. With small, thin arms that twitch with the slightest of rod movements, deadstick this bait to fool the most lethargic bass. For maximum underwater commotion fish it faster and see the arms, resistance wings and legs all come into action at once. It’s also a great flipping bait or excellent as a trailer bait on any type of jig. Impregnated with real shrimp scent. Excellent on its own, rigged Texas, Mojo, Carolina or as a trailer on a jig or spinnerbait.

4190Black with red flake4″ – 10cm
4191Junebug with blue flake4″ – 10cm
4192Green Pumpkin with red flake4″ – 10cm
4193Watermelon with black & gold flake4″ – 10cm
4194White with silver flake (Glow in the dark)4″ – 10cm