With a ribbed body for an increased profile and texture that fish can’t resist, the ADRENALIN Grub displaces a large amount of water, creating a disturbance under water that attracts bass from great distances. Add the strong vibration from the large tail, lifelike eyes and the shrimp impregnated body and you get a soft bait that bass just can’t resist. For the best results fish it Texas, mojo or Carolina rigged. It can also be used as a trailer bait.

4160Black with red flake4″ – 10cm
4161Junebug with blue flake4″ – 10cm
4162Green Pumpkin with red flake4″ – 10cm
4163Watermelon with black & gold flake4″ – 10cm
4164White with silver flake (Glow in the dark)4″ – 10cm